Long Term Trends in English 2014

As a result of changes in 2013 to SATS testing of English, the Government has been unable to publish overall English test results for 2013 and 2014. Instead English is now split into separate test results for reading and GPS (grammar, punctuation and spelling). Therefore the charts below use teacher assessed overall English results for 2013 and 2014, not SATS test results.

The eleven schools returning KS2 results have been split into three groups to avoid the charts becoming too cluttered. The first chart contains data for the four schools with the highest percentage of pupils achieving L4+ in English in 2014. The next chart contains data for the four schools with middle ranking L4+ results in 2014, and the final chart is for the remaining three schools returning the lowest L4+ results in 2014.

Deanesfield Primary School boycotted the SATS tests in 2010 and did not return exam papers for marking. The Deanesfield Primary School data for 2010 is taken from teacher assessments recorded in Govermment performance tables.


Top Four Performers 2014


Middle Four Performers 2014


Lower Three Performers 2014