Long Term CVA Trends 2014

We have collected CVA data from Government performance tables for the period from 2003 to date and produced charts to show the change in CVA score for each school over the period. The eleven schools returning KS2 results have been split into three groups to avoid the charts becoming too cluttered. The first chart contains data for the four schools with the highest CVA score in 2014. The next chart contains data for the four schools with middle ranking CVA score in 2014, and the final chart is for the remaining three schools with the lowest CVA score in 2014.

Where a number of schools had the same CVA score in 2014, the scores from previous years have been taken into account to determine the rankings.

Deanesfield Primary School boycotted the SATS tests in 2010 and did not return exam papers for marking and hence there is no CVA score in 2010. Bishop Winnington-Ingram CofE Primary School does not have a CVA score for 2007 due to an unspecified reason outside of the school's control.


Top Four Performers 2014


Middle Four Performers 2014


Lower Three Performers 2014