Ofsted Reports for Whiteheath Junior School

Inspection reports published: 2007, 2009, 2015

The inspection gradings lead to the following assessment:

The 2007 inspection report describes this as a good school with many outstanding features. Pupils achieved well in all year groups with consistently high standards in English, maths and science at the end of Year 6. The report describes the leadership of the headteacher and the chair of governors as excellent. An area for improvement was to refine further the systems in place for tracking pupils as they move through the school.

The 2009 inspection report notes that pupils made excellent progress during their time at the school and achieved above average results by the time they left. The report describes high moral, strong teamwork and staff sharing the leaders' vision for the future. The report notes that there were no significant weaknesses in any aspect of the school's work, however some fine tuning was needed. Areas for improvement included governors playing a stronger role in determining the strategy for improvement.

The 2015 inspection report rates the school as good, with positive remarks about the headteacher, the governors and teaching amongst other things. The school was not considered outstanding becuase subject leaders in English and maths did not support their collegues enough, the pupils did not build rapidly on English and maths learning from the infants school, teachers did not always challenge the more able pupils and there was not enough consistency in marking and feedback.

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