Ofsted Reports for St Swithun Wells Catholic Primary School

Inspection reports published: 2007, 2010, 2013

The inspection gradings lead to the following assessment:

The 2007 inspection report describes the school as good despite having been through a difficult period with the absence of senior staff. At the time of the inspection the school was being led by the third in a series of interim headteachers. Nevertheless leadership and management were described as good, although the school and governors had not been effective enough in communicating to parents how the staffing issues were being overcome. Areas for improvment included raising achievement in science, ensuring that all lessons were suitably challenging and improving communication with parents.

The 2010 inspection report notes that since the previous inspection the school had suffered significant instability at senior level, accedemic development and teaching were varied and attainment was below average. However the report notes that the incumbent senior leaders had been effective in tackling weaknesses and that the most recent assessments showed that the school had turned a corner and progress was improving. Areas for improvement included raising the quality of teaching by the end of the acedemic year and increasing the governors' involvement in monitoring and challenging the work of the school. The main areas of concern in the parents and carers questionnaire are that 19% of respondets did not agree that the school informed them about their child's progress and 11% did not agree that the school took account of their suggestions and concerns.

The 2013 inspection report describes the school as outstanding in all areas, a major improvement on the previous inspection. The report notes that pupils make outstanding progress and achieve excellent results. Leadership and management were outstanding, with rigorous and effective systems in place to review and improve the quality of teaching. The area for improvement was to increase the opportunities for pupils to work on their own through research and problem solving.

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