Ofsted Reports for Ruislip Gardens Primary School

Inspection reports published: 2006, 2009, 2010, 2012

The inspection gradings lead to the following assessment:

The 2006 inspection report describes teaching as good throughout the school with an outstanding range of additional activities and experiences. Leadership and management were described as good with clear focus on continuing to improve standards. An area for improvement was providing consistent opportunities for pupils to work independently.

The 2009 inspection report describes the standard of education as satisfactory following a fall in attainment levels in both maths and English in 2008. The report notes that the school took rapid and effective actions to address the issues. Areas for improvement included raising standards in English writing and maths, and ensuring consistently accurate assessment of individuals' work.

The 2010 inspection report covered a subject inspection in science and found that techinng and management of science were good, and that achievement and the curriculum were satisfactory.

The 2012 inspection report describes the school as good with attainment rising in 2011 to be significantly above average. The report notes that the quality of teaching had improved to become good, with good leadership and management. Areas for improvement incuded ensuring that all lessors move forward at a lively pace and provide opportinities for independent work and for pupils to discuss their work. The main area of concern in the parents and carers questionnaire is that 5% of respondents did not agree that the school took account of their suggestions and concers.

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