Ofsted Reports for Lady Bankes Junior School

Inspection reports published: 2004, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2015

The 2004 inspection was carried out by an inspection contractor and does not use the current grading system. For subsequent inspections the gradings lead to the following assessment:

The 2008 inspection report describes the school as good with above average standards. Standards were consistent in English and there had been improvements in maths however in 2007 there was a dip in perfromance in maths. The school rigorously analysed the reasons for this slippage and modified the teaching of maths as a result. One area for improvement was to raise standards in maths to equal those in English.

The 2011 inspection report describes the school as good and improving with good teaching and rising attainment levels at the end of Year 6. The report notes clear leadership and strong teamwork between the headteacher, the staff and the governing body. Areas for improvement included better differentiation according to pupil ability, and changes to the marking of pupils' work. 

The 2014 inspection report notes that the school requires improvement in all areas. Pupils did not make consistently good progress in reading, writing and maths across the school. Teaching was not good enough, and teachers did not use information from assessments well enough. Pupil's understanding of lessons was not always checked. 

A monitoring inspection in February 2015 found that senior leaders and governors were not taking effective action to improve, and it required the school to take immediate action to remedy that.

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