Ofsted Reports for Field End Junior School

Inspection reports published: 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012

The inspection gradings lead to the following assessment:

The 2005 reoport notes that the head teacher was relatively new at the time of the inspection. Teaching and learning were satisfactory, however the report notes that the school's analysis of national data was not sufficiently rigourous and targets for improvement were not sufficiently focused on raising achievement of specific groups of children. Areas for improvement included improving the consistency of good teaching and learning, and improving pupils handwriting and presentation.

The 2007 inspection focused on the Primary National Strategies (PNS) and the impact of Assessment for Leaning (AfL) on mathematics. The report notes that the overall effectiveness of the PNS was inadequate, the lowest Osfed grade possible. The use of data to inform lesson planning was at a very early stage and there were no systems in place to track the progress of pupils with learing difficulties or to measure small steps of progress. The quality of marking was cursory with limited guidance to pupils on targets and what they needed to do the achieve these. The report notes that staffing was stable, however the pace to improve the development of teaching and learning in order to raise standards was too slow. The report called for the school's leadership to urgenly implement improvements to raise standards.

The 2009 inspection report notes a period of declining standards in recent years however improvement was underway with a focus on improving the quality of teaching and learning. The areas for improvement included ensuring that leaders and managers at all levels focused their planning on clear prioities, making learning more challenging for more able pupils and bringing greater consistency to marking.

The 2011 inspection was a monitoring inspection. The report notes that nearly two thirds of all teaching staff were new to the school. Standards had improved in teaching and learning, although some of the strategies for improvement had only just begun to bear fruit due to previous issues with staffing.

The inspection report published in 2012 notes steady improvement and above average attainment. Teaching was typically good, and the areas for improvement included ensuring that all teaching became good and more teaching became outstanding. The main areas of concern in the parents and carers questionnaire are that 30% of respondents did not agree that their child was making enough progress and 31% of respondents did not agree that the school was led and managed effectively (including 13% that strongly disagreed). More than 20% of respondents were dissatisfied in 7 of the 13 areas covered by the questionnaire.

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