Ofsted Reports for Deanesfield Primary School

Inspection reports published: 2001, 2006, 2009, 2012, 2013

The 2001 inspection was carried out by an inspection contractor and does not use the current grading system. For subsequent inspections the gradings lead to the following assessment:

The 2006 inspection report describes the school as good with some outstanding features. It states that pupils made good progress in English and maths and reached significantly above average standards by the end of Year 6. Areas for improvement included standards in writing, and making all lessons interesting.

The 2009 inspection report notes that excellent self-evaluation and highly efficent development strategies meant that the school was moving forward rapidly, with improvements in the quality of teaching and the curriculum. The report notes however that writing remained an area for improvement.

The 2012 inspection was an interim inspection which confirmed the 2009 assessment.

The 2013 inspection report states that Deanesfield Primary school was good in all the areas assessed. Pupils made good progress and senior leaders had worked successfully to address the dip in achievement in English and maths in 2012. The report notes a restructuring of the leadership team since the previous inspection and a significant number of changes in teaching staff. Areas for improvement included teachers and leaders using assessment data better, setting work at the right level of difficulty and ensuring the pace of learning was not too slow.

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