Hillingdon Primary School Expansion Programme latest proposals

 On 7 September 2012 the Hillingdon Council website was updated with the following information:

"In common with many local authorities, especially in London, Hillingdon needs to create more primary school places to meet growing demand. This is mainly due to the fact that, in recent years, more children have been born in the borough. However, there are other factors that affect demand for places, such as new housing developments and the number of families moving into and leaving the borough.

Although some schools have already expanded, either on a permanent or temporary basis, more school places are still needed.

The proposed expansion programme currently involves 18 primary schools to enable the London Borough of Hillingdon to accommodate the shortfall of approximately 5,500 primary school places forecasted by 2015 across the borough.

In collaboration with officers from the London Borough of Hillingdon and their appointed design team, consultation meetings have taken place with each school in addition to an assessment of the individual schools existing accommodation. From this an expansion brief was prepared enabling initial expansion options to be presented to the school indicating how the expansion would be integrated onto the existing school site.

The preferred options were approved by the London Borough of Hillingdon Cabinet enabling the school expansions to be progressed and wider public consultation to commence through the Borough's website and consultation events.

The public consultation process will enable you to make comments on the options for the schools relevant to you included on these webpages and at the forthcoming public consultation meetings to be held at the schools. This process will ensure that the proposed design for each school expansion reflects the best interests of the school, London Borough of Hillingdon and the local community whilst meeting the educational needs for the children.

Any comments on the proposals for the schools should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ."

The eighteen schools are:

•Cherry Lane Primary School
•Field End Infants School
•Field End Junior School 
•Harefield Infants School
•Harefield Junior School
•Harlyn Primary School
•Heathrow Primary School
•Hermitage Primary School
•Highfield Primary School
•Hillingdon Primary School
•Glebe Primary School
•Pinkwell Primary School
•Rabbsfarm Primary School
•Rosedale Primary School 
•Ruislip Gardens Primary School
•Ryefield Primary School
•West Drayton Primary School
•Wood End Park Community School