Ofsted Chief Inspector announces measures to tackle local area underperformance

Ofsted News, January 2013, describes new measures to tackle underperformance as follows:

"On Thursday 17 January, just two weeks after Ofsted’s new regional structure took effect, teams of inspectors began the first in a wave of focused-area school inspections across underperforming local authority areas.

Giving the keynote speech on the same day at the North of England Education conference, HMCI followed up on his Annual Report commitments to tackle regional variation in school performance. He asked, ‘Why is it that in authorities with the same demographics, with the same sort of population, and with the same levels of deprivation, parents have such widely varying opportunities of finding a good school?’

He went on to formally announce the ‘focused and concentrated inspection programme’ that had begun that morning in Derby: the first in a series of these focused-area inspections.

A consultation will follow on 5 February to develop a new inspection framework to inspect local authority school improvement services.