Information about Primary Schools in Ruislip, Middlesex

This website provides comprehensive information about the eleven primary schools in Ruislp, Middlesex, that return Key Stage 2 results.

The schools are Bishop Winnington-Ingram CofE Primary School, Bourne Primary School, Deanesfield Primary School, Field End Junior School, Lady Bankes Junior School, Newnham Junior School, Ruislip Gardens Primary School, Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, St Swithun Wells Catholic Primary School, Warrender Primary School and Whiteheath Junior School.

The statistical data used here is in the public domain and can be found on other websites; this site merely pulls that information together into one place. Graphs are used as much as possible, and in key areas data is graphed over time to show how schools have improved (or not) over the years.



Is Your School the Best?

This is how the schools compare by Value Added measure, which is a measure of a school's overall effectiveness.

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What Does Ofsted Say About Your School?

This is our overall assessment of the Ofsted results for each school. We have averaged the Ofsted results over the period 2008 to 2014 to give a score which takes into account not only the current Ofsted grade but also previous grades over a number of years.

In 2014 Ofsted changed the definition of grade 3 from "satisfactory" to "requires improvement".

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The Importance of the CVA Score

Contextual Value Added (CVA) is a concept that baffles many people, but it is an extremely important measure of how well a school is performing. A school's CVA score gives much more information than can be obtained from just looking at the percentage of pupils achieving Level 4 or Level 5 in the SATS. For an explanation of CVA, and CVA score trends from 2003 to date, take a look at the Long Term Trend Charts section of this website.

Want to see your school's CVA scores since 2003: Click here: Long Term CVA Trends 2014



Radical Reforms to Education Inspection

Ofsted News, February 2015, describes radical reforms to education inspection as follows:

Ofsted has today confirmed some of the most significant changes to the inspection of education in its history, following an extensive programme of public consultation.

Setting out the reforms, Ofsted’s National Director of Schools, Sean Harford, said that frequent but shorter inspections of good schools and further education and skills providers, introducing a common inspection framework to standardise the approach to all education inspections, and inspecting all non-association independent schools in the next three years will contribute to driving up educational standards across the country.

Commenting on the publication of ‘Better inspection for all’, a report on the responses to the consultation, Sean said: 

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Ofsted Chief Inspector announces measures to tackle local area underperformance

Ofsted News, January 2013, describes new measures to tackle underperformance as follows:

"On Thursday 17 January, just two weeks after Ofsted’s new regional structure took effect, teams of inspectors began the first in a wave of focused-area school inspections across underperforming local authority areas.

Giving the keynote speech on the same day at the North of England Education conference, HMCI followed up on his Annual Report commitments to tackle regional variation in school performance. He asked, ‘Why is it that in authorities with the same demographics, with the same sort of population, and with the same levels of deprivation, parents have such widely varying opportunities of finding a good school?’

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Ofsted launches School Data Dashboard

On 27 February 2013 Sir Michael Wilshaw, Ofsted’s Chief Inspector, launched what Ofsted described as "a powerful new online tool designed to support governors to hold their schools to account". At the time of rollout, the School Data Dashboard allowed users to view 11 data charts for a school, one school at a time, with year on year data comparison. Hardly impressive when you consider that this website offers over 46 charts, comparing all Ruislip primary schools side by side, and also includes year on year comparisons. You can try the Ofsted tool at the link below, and compare its data with the data that you'll find on this site.

Ofsted School Data Dashboard

Hillingdon Primary School Expansion Programme latest proposals

On 7 September 2012 the Hillingdon Council website was updated with the following information:

"In common with many local authorities, especially in London, Hillingdon needs to create more primary school places to meet growing demand. This is mainly due to the fact that, in recent years, more children have been born in the borough. However, there are other factors that affect demand for places, such as new housing developments and the number of families moving into and leaving the borough.

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